Police: McCarthy, Bond phones pinged near Seaport

Prosecutors attempt to place defendant near alleged dump site

David Tanklefsky
June 15, 2017 - 12:29 pm

A Massachusetts State Police officer says cell towers picked up a signal from the phones of Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy on Summer Street in Boston the day after Bella Bond's body washed a shore two summers ago.

Testifying Thursday morning, Sergeant David Crouse, a cellphone analyst for the FBI, said Bond and McCarthy's cell phones were identified in use near Summer Street on June 26, one day after Bella's body washed ashore on Deer Island.

Summer Street is an important location for the prosecution because it runs close to the cruise ship terminal where they allege McCarthy threw the 2-year-old's body into the harbor weighted down with barbells. During cross examination, Crouse did say that while there was a cell signal, he could not confirm that McCarthy and Bond where on Summer Street shortly after Bond's body was found.

The testimony comes as the prosecution looks to provide evidence that the defendant, McCarthy, was familiar with the area around the Black Falcon terminal in South Boston. On Wednesday, a former girlfriend of his testified that growing up in Southie, she and McCarthy often snuck around places like the terminal to drink alcohol and take drugs.

Thursday is the 13th day of testimony in the murder trial. During five days on the stand, Rachelle Bond said she saw McCarthy punch the girl because she wouldn't go to sleep. Earlier in the week, the judge said the jury is expected to have the case by some time next week.

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