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No Mooch Needed, POTUS was Bringing It

Doug 'VB' Goudie
August 11, 2017 - 7:23 am

So POTUS Trump was forced to make some statements this week, and he didn't have old friend Anthony Scaramucci around to help him deliver his message.  So how did POTUS do?

   Well, first the President, allegedly impromptu, warned Kim Jong Un and North Korea that if they were to act any more stupidly than they already have, then they would meet with "fire and fury".  (You just know the Mooch wishes he were still around so he could take credit for coming up with that line!)  This comment immediately lead to criticism that Trump is an off the cuff hothead whose a danger to world peace.  Or, as the Washington Post headline screamed, "Trump saber-rattling sparks fears."  (Actually WashPo, it's Kim Jong Un having miniaturized warheads that actually sparks fear.)  Apparently, according to critics, Trumps response to insanity is the problem, not the insanity itself, which is why CNN 'experts' even today were saying "we need to keep our diplomatic options open".  Yeah, because diplomacy has been working wonders with the Kims over the last thirty-years.  The reality is, Kim Jong Un is a whack-job, and he certainly didn't fall for Obama's nice guy routine.  After all, he clearly was ramping up his arsenal during Obama's eight years, despite the dovish rhetoric.  And yet, somehow now that he 's got those weapons, the media crazily thinks Kim will play nice if only POTUS Trump talked nicer?   Somewhere Neville Chamberlain is smiling, but no one else is...

   So then the President responds to Vlad Putin's decision to kick out 755 U.S. diplomats from Russia by saying "I want to thank him because we are trying to cut down on our payroll... and we're going to save a lot of money."  (Mooch would've added 'bleep load' in front of money in that quote.)  This prompted NBC's Hallie Jackson to tweet "I thought this might've been sarcastic/joking/lost i translation, but after watching, I didn't see much of a smile."  Joking?  Why would he be joking?  Would Hallie have preferred a more standoffish response from POTUS, say something like "If Putin expels anymore diplomats he will be met with fire and fury"?  The reality is, POTUS can't win no matter what he says, not with NBC and the Washington Post anyways.​  Here's the reality on the diplomats though; what fruit exactly have those 755 born over the last decade?  And by the way, with the expulsion of the 755, we still have almost 500 diplomats still there to do whatever it is that they do... 

   Bottom line, Trump's response to Putin was perfect, his response to Kim Jong Un was fine (the guy's a nutcase), and, um, wait, wasn't there a third thing he said this week that I really liked?  Oh yeah, he told Mitch McConnell to get off his ass.  It's like the old game show used to say, "joker, joker, and a triple!"  Well done on all fronts Mr. President; you know, maybe you should go on more non-vacations, you've been on your game this week.

More wisdom from me next week.


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