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NH considers toll increase

State banks on Massachusetts drivers pay more

November 29, 2017 - 8:15 am

That weekend getaway to New Hampshire may cost you more. The state is considering a hike in tolls, and drivers from out of state would pay even more. It calls for a 27 percent increase, that amounts to 24 to 50 cents. The Hampton toll would increase to $2.50 a vehicle. The state estimates drivers from Massachusetts and other states make up more than half of those paying the higher rate. If you live in New Hampshire and have a transponder you get a bonus, if you go through the tolls 40 times in a month you will get ten free trips. The current 30 percent discount will remain for those with New Hampshire based transponders.

The state hopes an increase in tolls will mean an extra $36 million to pay for road projects. Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican, has said he is against the toll hike, but will not stand in the way of the Executive Council debate. The Executive Council could vote during a Dec. 6 meeting.

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