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Kuhner's Corner: Why Elizabeth Warren can lose

Geoff Diehl has a real shot to beat her

Jeff Kuhner
July 13, 2017 - 10:01 am

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in trouble. The far-left-wing Massachusetts Democrat faces a real possibility of losing her seat in next year’s election.


The reason: She will likely confront a potential tough Republican challenger. State Rep. Geoff Diehl announced on my show this week he is officially seeking the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate. He will most probably win the Republican primary. And if he does, Warren will have the race of her life.


Diehl is the opposite of Scott Brown, who Warren defeated in 2012. Principled, honest and intelligent—Diehl has an appealing quality that makes him very dangerous: He is likeable. A former Eagle Scout, Diehl is an authentic family man, whose experience running a small business enables him to genuinely relate to ordinary voters.


Moreover, he is a patriotic conservative, who for years has been a leading reformer on Beacon Hill. Diehl has championed key issues—slashing taxes, exposing welfare fraud and abuse, battling government corruption and cracking down on illegal immigration—that resonate with taxpayers. Unlike Brown, he possesses an ideological and moral core.


Yet, it is Diehl’s populist platform that may put him over the top. He is not planning on campaigning as a conventional establishment Republican. Instead, he will run on working- and middle-class issues, such as border security, building a wall on our porous southern border, rolling back Obamacare, repealing disastrous free-trade deals (like NAFTA), jobs, tackling the state’s opioid crisis and stopping our involvement in endless Mideast wars. In other words, his agenda can appeal to a broad range of voters—Republicans, independents, blue-collar Democrats—which he will need to win.


Diehl’s campaign can be boiled down to one thing: Putting Massachusetts first. This strategy—and its central promise—strikes at the very heart of Warren’s vulnerability. For the one thing she has failed to do is provide effective representation for the citizens of Massachusetts. Warren cannot credibly name one achievement she has fulfilled for the state. Not one.


Rather, she has spent her entire time on Capitol Hill grandstanding on behalf of the Bernie Sanders-progressive wing of the Democratic Party. She attends countless national fund-raisers and anti-Trump rallies, positions herself as a leading voice of the “resistance” and engages in buffoonery and puerile theatrics in the Senate. Yet, when it comes to jobs, construction projects, fisheries, infrastructure, farming or medical research she has delivered nothing. For all of his sins, the late Ted Kennedy at least brought home the bacon. All Warren brings back is a bullhorn and a hashtag. She is a social justice warrior masquerading as a senator. This may play well on college campuses; it doesn’t with those in the real world.


No wonder polls show Warren is under water. Even in ultra-liberal Massachusetts, more voters now say they would prefer someone other than her. Her support is stuck at 45 percent. The reason is obvious: She is a rabid Moonbat. Every position she advocates—nationalized single-payer health care, massive tax increases, the redistribution of wealth, open borders, mass amnesty, transgender bathrooms, partial-birth abortion (infanticide), opposition to the Second Amendment, support for unlimited Muslim refugees, hatred for the police, radical environmentalism and ceaseless class warfare—is on the socialist hard left. She is not a traditional Democrat, but an academic neo-Marxist.


I am under no illusions: Diehl has a steep hill to climb. This is, after all, Massachusetts—Kennedy country, the bastion of Ivy League liberalism. Warren will have her left-wing base: students, welfare deadbeats, illegals, the unions, minorities and the Democratic machine. She will also have George Soros and national progressive Democrats backing her. She will have a huge fund-raising advantage, by at least ten to one, over Diehl. She will not be easy to defeat.


Still, Warren has achieved something almost unthinkable: She has become too extreme even for Massachusetts. She is the most hated person in the Democratic Party—more than Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama or even Hillary Clinton. If Diehl runs a disciplined, tough and aggressive campaign, then he will find that this deep-seated hostility also extends here. Go, Geoff, go!                    

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