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VB The Wise: This Week's Trump "Controversies"

Are They, or Aren't They Controversies

Doug 'VB' Goudie
September 01, 2017 - 6:09 am

Just another week in Trumpland...  So here's the five biggest "controversies" of the week involving POTUS, your job is to decide whether or not each item is a real controversy or is more Fake News.  Your top 5 are as follows:

1. Melania Wears Heels to Air Force One to Visit Houston

2. Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe

3. Trump Doesn't Comfort Any Victims While in Texas

4. Trump Announces Tax Reform Plans the Day After Visiting Texas

5. Trump Says The Wall is Still Going Up, and Mexico Will Pay For It

​   So for me, only #2 is a real controversy.

On #1, let me just say to the people who are complaining that heading to a disaster is not the time for Melania to be making a fashion statement, aren't you making a statement about fashion by complaining about what she was wearing to get on the plane?  And by the way, what exactly is appropriate under the circumstances, because normally I would think wearing a hat IS appropriate, but Melania caught flak for the hat she was wearing.  My guess is if Melania had shown up in an outfit provided by Bass Pro Shops, she would have been roundly mocked for pandering or posing.  There are times when some people just can't win, and for Melania, this was one of those times.  

On #3, don't we want our politicians to be genuine?  Well, Trump's not a hugger.  My guess is when someone in the Trump Organization gets sick, Trump doesn't comfort the family, he makes a donation to them.  That's what he's doing with Texas.  Consistent, genuine. That may not be what you or I would do, but it is what Trump would do, why is that a problem?  

On #4, please.  There is never a bad time to talk tax reform, and the reality is POTUS was in Texas on Tuesday and will be again on Saturday.  In the meantime, there is other work that needs to be done.  Somehow when Barack Obama famously said "I think I can walk and chew gum at the same time", he was roundly cheered for that idea.  The same should be true for Trump. 

On #5, why should The Wall change because of Hurricane Harvey?  What government funding was curtailed in 2012 because the money was reallocated for Hurricane Sandy?  How about in 2007 for Hurricane Katrina?  The reality is disasters hit, and when they do the government does not reallocate discretionary spending to fund storm recovery.  So why should that be the case with The Wall?

And that leaves #2, and for me that is the only real controversy.  As I said this week on the radio show, I would NOT have pardoned Sheriff Joe.  And nothing that has come out since the pardon has swayed me.  To me, Sheriff Joe got caught up in his own hype, and he got carried away and made a mistake.  A law enforcement officer simply cannot ignore a judge's order (a Bush appointed judge by the way) and Sheriff Joe did just that.  The argument by Sheriff Joe has always been that people were playing politics with him in this case, but anyone defending a law enforcement officer of ignoring a federal judge's order is clearly doing the same, no?  I wouldn't have pardoned him.  

So there you go, another week in Trumpland.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention the Finnish tv ladies that Trump mistakenly thought were the same person.  So many "controversies" for just one week...

More wisdom next week.


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