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VB the Wise: Somebody should give up on Twitter

Doug 'VB' Goudie
February 24, 2017 - 7:00 am

So you know the headlines by now, as soon as Donald Trump won the Presidency, headlines began screaming that Trump and Twitter needed to break up. On January 19th, none other than Karl Rove penned a piece for Fox News titled "As he takes office, @realdonaldtrump should give up his twitter account." On November 28th the Detroit News ran an editorial on Trump where it stated "In fact, he should pledge to give up personal social media altogether."  And Quinnipiac even polled America on this "burning" issue, and 64% of Americans responded to the January 9th poll by saying Trump should stop tweeting.

But, as is the case with any good magician, while all of your attention focused on one hand, the other hand is up to something far more sinister.  And it is the hand that you are NOT watching that is the one that more often than not is the much bigger problem, for that is the hand that is taking your watch while you are busy trying to figure out where the seven of clubs went.  I believe such is the case with twitter right now.  While we have all been obsessed whether or not a President should be actively tweeting, we have taken our eyes off of the fact that that ALMOST President should definitely NOT be tweeting.  For it is SHE, not HE, who I cannot take on twitter.  

 It all really started on February 8th, when Elizabeth Warren was Rule 19ed by Mitch McConnell.  That's when these words appeared on @hillaryclinton:  "She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." So must we all.  (end tweet.)

Make no mistake, Hillary severely dislikes Elizabeth Warren (who doesn't), but that was irrelevant that night, for it was that night Hillary began to realize she could get under the skin of those that had denied her the Presidency- us.  

The very next day, immediately after President Trump's travel ban executive order was shot down by the Ninth Circuit, Hillary tweeted out her famous "3-0".  And it was completely irrelevant that we all re-tweeted that with "306", Hillary didn't see those and didn't care.  She had performed another twitter drive-by, and we'd been hit.  

She went Twitter silent for a period, as if to lull us back into feeling safe, but she struck again Wednesday, and tis is how we know she's not going to "delete your account", as she had asked Trump to do back in June of 2106.  After some Republicans members of Congress had complained about Democratic operatives taking over their town hall meetings and shouting them down, Hillary tweeted out the following: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the.. Congress."  And the second I saw the that tweet, I realized my Twitter watch was gone, for I had been watching the wrong Twitter hand all along.

What has happened is that Hillary Clinton has come to realize she can throw out these little Twitter mosquitos, and we can't swat them away.  In fact, we all argue and retweet about how silly she is, how stupid she is, and how absurd her tweets are, but it's all irrelevant.  And that's because it doesn't matter whether you have the better argument than she, what matters is that she is sitting there smugly and smiling as she hits 'tweet'.  She KNOWS she's getting under our skin, and that gives her a lot more pleasure than Bill ever did.  It's the worst, for if there's one thing none of us can stand, it is a SMUG Hillary Clinton, and that is precisely what we now have on our hands, and I HATE it. 

There's an old line that starts 'Hell hath no fury..."  Well, we (rightfully) scorned Hillary, and she has now found her way to make us pay, one smug tweet at a time.  And like a serial killer, we never know when or how she will strike, we just know that she will indeed strike again, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it.  Hell, she'll probably be wearing an 'LOL' t-shirt when she tweets her next 'hit', and like Kim Jong Nam, we won't even see it coming.  You know, I really thought I was done with this woman being able to bother me as of November 8th, but with people like this it's never that smooth or that simple, they always find a way.  Damned Twitter.

More wisdom next week.

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