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VB The Wise: Hurricane Harvey

The one that hit Hollywood

Doug 'VB' Goudie
October 10, 2017 - 6:13 am

    ​No less an authority than Anthony Bourdain tweeted Monday "watching the media tiptoe around its decades long silence on #weinstein makes me miss David Carr even more ferociously." Hey, if Jimmy Kimmel can be a healthcare expert, Anthony Bourdain can be a media critic.  And his tweet is mostly right, except that David Carr was actually working for the New York Times back in 2004 when that paper first had the story on Harvey Weinstein, but they decided of course to quash it then.    But we all get what he means, the nation is starved for a non-partisan, consequences be damned journalist who doesn't sit idly by when everyone seemingly knows what going on.  It's for that reason that part of Meryl Streep's statement on her friend Harvey rings hollow, "each brave voice that is raised, heard and credited by our watchdog media will ultimately change the game."  While she's right about the brave voices, who exactly is the "watchdog media"?  If it existed, would Bourdain be clamoring for a columnist from yesteryear so ferociously?  

     Look, I get why Weinstein got away with his gross behavior for so long, power and lawyers.  He had power, and people are afraid of lawyers, even the New York Times  Got it.  But those two things are both gone for Harvey Weinstein now, so what's stopping anyone from getting after him, as a warning shot to all future Harvey Weinsteins?  Here's what I propose, the Oscars are a perfect setting for such a statement.  Every year we get political statements made there, whether its tributes to Woody Allen (people still think that was a good idea?) or Leo pontificating about global warming, so how about this year Hollywood makes a statement about its own "turn-a-blind-eye to sick perverts" self?  How about Meryl is introduced, and she comes out with Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan.  After explaining why they are there, the three then ask any woman who is in attendance to stand if they have ever been sexually harassed while working in Hollywood.  Would that image of 50, 60, 75% of the women standing not be powerful?  I guess that the Oscars are supposed to be fun and uplifting, but we have been told for years that some issues are just too important to ignore.  If so, then why would the sexual deviance of men in Hollywood not be one of those issues?  

       The reality is that Anthony Bourdain's "tough as nails, take no crap" journalist is not necessary, but what IS necessary is Hollywood using its own platform to make a stand, or at least a statement.  Oh, and while they're at it, maybe strip Harvey of any and/all Oscars he has won over the years.  I believe Harvey would be the first person ever to be stripped of an Oscar, thus cementing his disgraced place in history.  And I know, what you're thinking, that could be a dangerous precedent, right?  No, the rule is simple, if you don't want to lose your Oscar, don't spank it not a plant in front of a woman who has just refused your advances.  

More wisdom next week.


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