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VB the Wise: Barack Obama, domestic man of mystery

Doug 'VB' Goudie
March 03, 2017 - 7:00 am

I've always felt like there was an easy explanation on how Barack Obama was able to get his way when he was the President.  Take the trillion dollar plus stimulus package for example, that was easy -- people love to spend other people's money.  After all, our own Congressman Mike Capuano famously said of that grotesque spending bill "I am proud to have voted for it, and I would gladly vote for a second and a third stimulus package too."  Why not Mike, it's only other people's money!!!!  And what about Obamacare you say?  Well that's another easy one -- ignorance was bliss in that case, or as Nancy Pelosi famously said " we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it".  I mean, honestly, if they hadn't passed Obamacare, we would have never known just how "good" it was going to be for all of us!  And as for the Iran deal, that got done for one simple reason -- when you are negotiating with someone, and YOUR main goal is to make sure that THEY get an even better deal than THEY originally wanted, then a deal is going to get done.  
Let's face it, there isn't much mystery when it comes to how Barack Obama achieved his goals as President.  But as Former President, that is a different story.  In fact, as Former President, Barack Obama has achieved something that 'man' has wanted to do for centuries but could never figured out how to pull off.  (It's something the last Democratic President Bill Clinton, will forever be insanely jealous of I guarantee you!)  And I don't have any idea how the Former President did it.  The headlines on Thursday read "Valerie Jarrett moves into Obama's new home".  Note that the headline did not say 'takes up an office in Obama's new home', it said SHE MOVED IN!  The Obamas didn't get to live alone for EIGHT YEARS, and yet, just FIVE WEEKS into doing just that, they'd apparently had enough and brought in a third party.  And here's the rub; Valerie Jarrett is to Barack Obama what Steve Bannon is to Donald Trump or Huma is to Hillary, and the stories are that this fact has always bothered Michelle Obama.  (See the New Republic profile of Jarrett in November of 2014 for proof of this.)  And yet,in spite of that fact VJ has LITERALLY moved in to Michelle's house and life, just five weeks after Michelle thought VJ was out of her life for good!  Remarkable.
So how did Barack pull this off?  I have absolutely no idea.  I mean, honestly, the ONLY way my wife would ever let a female business confidant (Kim) move into our house was if she had an obvious drug problem or was going through a messy divorce; otherwise, fuhgetaboudit.  VJ has neither of those problems.  I know the story is that Obama is getting ready to mount a serious Trump counter-offensive, and so he needs VJ by his side.  Fine.  But can't she show up at the house early and leave late?  Does she literally have to have dinner with them, share bathrooms with them, and get to pick what they watch for movie nights?  She is 60 after all, not 16, why can't she go to her own home every night?  "Oh Valerie, do you like fish?  Barack and I were thinking salmon t night, does that work for you?  If not, we can always do Chinese..."
But either Michelle didn't object, or Barack convinced her.  Either way, I gotta give him credit.  I would NEVER have had the stones to even THINK about running this idea up my wife's flagpole, and I could NEVER have convinced her to willingly go along with it.  But Barack did run it up, and he got it to wave proudly.  There are those theories in political circles that say Bill Clinton has never truly respected Barack Obama; well, I think it's safe to say THAT has changed after this latest move.  Bill Clinton probably thinks Barack should get another Nobel Prize for what he pulled off here.  And if I were on the committee, I might be inclined to give it to him.  For before Thursday, I would have more likely believed in Israel-Palestine peace than I would a man getting his wife to go along with him letting his favorite female business associate move into their house upon retiring.  Books will forever be written about how Obama the President got things done, but THIS, there will be no books about THIS, because THIS cannot be explained, not in any rational way.  And you thought Elon Musk made the boldest move by any man this week.  Not even close.  
More wisdom next week.
Doug "VB" Goudie, is Host of the Boston Dot Com morning show, weekday mornings on WRKO

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