VB The Wise: Au Revoir Paris Accord!

Doug 'VB' Goudie
June 02, 2017 - 6:22 am

Au Revoir Paris Accord!


   I admit it, I am ecstatic over President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Why? Because I think it is based on shaky science, I think it is bad business, and I think its underlying globalism is a threat to the United States.  While we can debate those three points all day long, there are two other reasons why I LOVE this move, and they are not debatable.  One, Trump was sent to Washington to upset the apple cart, and with this move I see apples that are now airborne.  In point of fact, He almost had to do this, for had he not, his credibility would have been lessened the next time he talked tough to the world.  Instead, he can now use the line "I say what I mean and mean what I say" to other world leaders, and they have to listen.  The second, and more important reason I love this, is that the Paris Agreement lovers are apoplectic.  So much so that their shouts and tweets following the decision have been borderline non-sensical.  Here then is the top 5 arguments I have heard, followed by why those arguments are ridiculous.

   1. Syria and Nicaragua 

They are the only tow other countries who are not in the Paris Agreement, and as former State Senator Warren Tolman tweeted, "if we r judged by the company we keep..." That argument is humorous to me because the easy counter to that is this: Russia and Iran are IN the Paris Agreement.  In other words, what company are you keeping?  That fact does beg the question though, if Putin has stayed in the agreement, why isn't Trump, considering he is such a Putin stooge?  Oh, I guess that storyline doesn't work here... And while we are at it, does anybody, ANYBODY, honestly think Iran and Russia are going to fulfill their obligations to this silly Paris Agreement?  Of course not, and therein lies the folly of it all; there are no repercussions for not living up to the requirements (sounds like NATO) so of course everybody signed up.  

   2. Lloyd Blankfein is upset

For those that don't know, Lloyd Blankfein is the CEO of Goldman Sachs, and he issued his first tweet ever after Trump's announcement, and it read "Today's decision is a setback for the environment and for the U.S. 's leadership position in the world."  This was retweeted 5,000 times in three hours, almost entirely by left leaning Democrats.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Goldman Sachs one of the Great Satans of the 2016 election?  In fact, didn't Ted Cruz take a rash of crap because his wife works for Goldman Sachs?  But now, after years of hearing that Goldman Sachs is an enemy of the United States by Liz Warren et al, now those same people are telling us to listen to the CEO of Goldman Sachs.  Forgive me for laughing.

   3. World Leadership

In Blankfein's tweet, he mentions that the U.S. has lost a leadership position in the world.  CNN's Fareed Zakaria announced on the air that today was "the day America stopped being leader of the free world."  Really?  Then who is the leader of the free world, gentlemen, because my understand of the history of the world is that these with the gold rule, and guess who has the gold?  Has Britain overtaken us? Really, how's Brexit rest of the world?  Has Germany overtaken us? Really, how's that Greece bailout going?  Has France overtaken us? Macron actually used Trump's own line in decrying Trump's announcement when he said "Let's Make Our Planet Great Again".  Yup, that's original.  The U.S. was, and is the leader of the free world, settle down people.

   4. Exxon Mobile

I heard Van Jones hyperventilating on CNN as the announcement was being made, "if this is such a bad deal, then why is Exxon Mobile so in favor of it?"  Congressman Seth Moulton tweeted out "Are you with Exxon or are you with Syria?"  Again, isn't Big Oil a great evil?  But now Van and Seth love them and want us to listen to them?  By the way Van, the reason Exxon Mobile is all in is because they know it's meaningless crap, and so they can keep the likes of you quiet without really affecting their bottom line.  If you think for one second that a company like Exxon Mobile has a conscience and is doing anything for the betterment of anything other than their bottom line, than you have no idea, none, of how really big business works.  Stop embarrassing yourself Van.

   5. This is bad for the economy

CNN panelists kept tripping over themselves to say this,in fact Anderson Cooper tweeted out Van Jones saying "It's disappointing to see an aMerican president essentially throw an American industry under the bus."  The New York Times immediately put out its list of winners and losers for Trump's decision, and its #1 loser was "business".  But what is so funny about that is that as the President was making his announcement, the lower right corner of CNN's coverage had the stock market ticker, and it kept going up.  The Dow closed up 135 points, and NASDAQ was up almost 50 points.  Yup, business seems to be pretty upset about this (snicker, snicker).  

​   And here's a bonus point for you.  Former President Obama issued a statement as President Trump was making his announcement (bad form POTUS Obama, by the way) in which he argued that this decision rejects the future, a future of "growing industries like wind and solar".  Leaving Solyndra jokes out of this, and by the way former POTUS Obama, I don't see too many solar panels on that new $8 million house of yours, are you seriously saying the way of the future is windmills and the sun?  You know who else said that was the way to the  future?  Leaders in the 17th century.  Good luck with that.

   I'll end with this; did anybody else see that CNN actually made a graphic that said one of the outcomes of this decision could well be "Mass Extinction"?  I kid you not.  Well, if that turns out to be true, I guess Brack Obama and John Kerry can say, "but we'll always have Paris."

More wisdom next week.​

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