Kuhner's Corner: Why liberals coddle Antifa

The Left has created a terrorist monster

Jeff Kuhner
August 30, 2017 - 12:00 pm

Fascist thugs, wielding clubs and baseball bats, are roaming streets and campuses, openly beating, punching and stomping opponents. Cowardly political and media elites refuse to condemn the violence. No, this is not Weimar Germany. It is present-day America.

“Anti-fascists” known as Antifa pose a mortal threat to our constitutional republic. In the name of “anti-fascism,” Antifa hooligans are engaging in left-wing fascist tactics. They are domestic terrorists. And if they are not stopped, like Hitler’s brown shirts or Mussolini’s black shirts, their radical movement will grow into a potent, mass force—one that could plunge the United States into a civil war.

In fact, this is precisely their goal. Antifa calls for the revolutionary overthrow of the American government. They seek to erect a totalitarian socialist regime. Antifa websites emphasize the need to murder police officers, conservatives, libertarians, populists, constitutionalists and especially, Trump supporters. Their slogan is “peace through violence.” Antifa members claim their violent acts are “necessary” and in “self-defense” against an emerging neo-Nazi Trump dictatorship.

On economics, Antifa is just as fanatical—and dangerous. They want an all-powerful central government to confiscate the property and wealth of rich and middle-class whites and redistribute it to minorities, the poor and loyal followers of their movement. Hence, Antifa encourages the stealing, looting and destruction of businesses, banks, ATM machines, college campuses and private property.

Similar to other totalitarian thugs, they are willing to act upon their monstrous ideas. Last weekend, Antifa won again. They succeeded in shutting down a Freedom Rally in San Francisco. Thousands of leftist counter-demonstrators showed up, many with batons, axe handles and baseball bats embedded with nails. Their goal: Prevent a group from holding a rally in defense of free speech and the Bill of Rights. One of the organizers of the Freedom Rally, Joey Gibson, decided to call it off. The reason: he rightly feared that rally attendees and speakers would be beaten or killed by the raging leftist mob. The San Francisco police stood by, and did nothing while armed Antifa thugs surrounded the defense perimeter, shouting obscenities and death threats. The howling mob accused Gibson and his small band of being “white supremacists” and “Nazis.”

There’s only one problem: Gibson is not white. And neither were most of the scheduled speakers. In fact, Gibson considers himself a Japanese-American (he is also part Hispanic). Other speakers were black, Latino, Asian, transgender and one was a Samoan-American. Which begs the question: How can minorities who champion individual rights and basic freedoms—the very opposite of Nazism—be considered part of the Ku Klux Klan? It is a monstrous lie and slander. The mainstream media, however, deliberately ignored these facts.

The next day in Berkeley, at an anti-Marxism rally, Antifa showed up again in full force. A Trump supporter was pummeled to the ground by men wearing black fatigues and in black masks using homemade shields. Another was punched and kicked repeatedly—beaten to a pulp—by five Antifa activists dressed in black.

In Boston, at a Free Speech rally the week before, Antifa hooligans punched, kicked and assaulted an elderly woman. Her alleged crime: She was peacefully holding up an American flag. Police officers had rocks, sticks and urine bottles thrown at them.

Across the country, whether it be Berkeley, Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle or Charlottesville, Antifa has engaged in repeated lawless, violent activities—looting, rioting, burning buildings on college campuses, plundering ATM machines, vandalizing banks and cars, attacking civilians and political opponents, and shutting down protests and rallies being held by conservative groups. This is a direct assault on the stability, civilized order and core freedoms of our country, especially freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

Yet, this campaign of intimidation and terror has been met with deafening silence from our political and media establishment. To the point that even Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, has praised Antifa for supposedly standing up for “freedom and equality,” while Paul Ryan and John McCain lionize them as courageous “anti-Nazis.” CNN and the New York Times have done puff pieces rationalizing Antifa’s rampant thuggery. In short, they are being coddled. Why?

The reason is simple: Since Charlottesville, our ruling class is determined to expand the definition of “white supremacy” and “Nazism” to include anyone on the Right—conservatives, libertarians, America-First populists, Trump backers—they disagree with. The goal is to muzzle speech and delegitimize all opposition to the corrupt Washington cartel. Hence, the anti-Trump media is whipping up mass hysteria that the KKK and white supremacists are everywhere. When in reality they are a fringe of a fringe—less than 0.01 percent of the population.

Antifa, however, is a different story. Their numbers are growing; their ideology (especially on university campuses) is spreading; and with each victory their movement is becoming more emboldened. Most ominously, our political and media class is using them to go after its enemies—Trump being the biggest. The GOP establishment is joining the Left to support Antifa. They are playing with fire. Like Dr. Frankenstein, they have unleashed a monster.

The Justice Department must label Antifa a terrorist organization. This way they will be stopped. The irony is Trump is one of the few major political leaders willing to denounce these modern-day fascists. He is the only true remaining anti-fascist.                       


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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