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Kuhner's Corner: Elizabeth Warren, clown of the Senate

Jeff Kuhner
March 01, 2017 - 11:02 am

It is official: Bay State Sen. Elizabeth Warren has become America’s clown—the court jester of the Senate, a political buffoon more interested in grandstanding and theatrics than serious legislative accomplishments. Warren’s goal is to troll President Trump, hoping to get under his skin and more importantly, make a name for herself.

Take the issue of refugees. Warren says she plans to invite an Iraqi refugee—one whose entire family was allowed to come to Lynn, Massachusetts in 2010—to sit beside her during Trump’s joint address to Congress. The left-wing Democrat claims her objective is to spotlight the so-called bigotry of Trump’s temporary travel ban. There’s only one problem: The ban has no impact on the refugee whatsoever. She—and her entire family—are already U.S. citizens. It’s nothing more than cheap political theater.

What Warren refuses to address is that under President Obama (and President George W. Bush) tens of thousands of poorly vetted Muslim refugees have been allowed to enter the United States. The result: the Islamic State now has terrorist cells in all 50 states, and the FBI is conducting over 1,000 active investigations into domestic ISIS activities. Trump’s ban covers the seven largest terror-exporting countries in the world—Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Without a proper vetting system in place, Islamic Jihadists, such as the Tsarnaev brothers, will continue to pour in. And Americans will continue to be slaughtered. Warren is putting the interests of foreign Muslims above innocent U.S. citizens.

Yet, this begs the question: Why does Warren choose to invite refugees, and say, not veterans? The answer is a simple one: The Massachusetts leftist does not give a damn about our vets.

Recently, a veterans’ advocacy group, Veterans Assisting Veterans, went public about her lack of concern for our fighting men and women. VAV rightly complained that when it comes to veterans’ healthcare, rampant homelessness or issues such as mental illness or PTSD Warren is nowhere to be found. In short, she has done nothing to defend or highlight the suffering of those who have risked their lives to protect our country. Around the corner from Boston’s City Hall, one can see every night countless homeless vets begging for food or freezing in the dark. They have been completely forgotten. In the eyes of Warren and the hard left these poor vets’ great sin is that they are patriotic Americans. If they were illegal aliens or Syrian Muslims, Warren would be championing their cause with a bullhorn.

And this is why Warren must be defeated in next year’s election. She is a radical leftist, who is beyond the mainstream of even liberal Massachusetts. No wonder her poll numbers are plummeting. Her state socialism and one-world globalism may play well with campus activists in Cambridge, but she has nothing to offer working- and middle-class Americans. In fact, as a senator she has not sponsored one major piece of legislation or done anything to address significant problems affecting the Bay State—the heroin epidemic, the onslaught of illegal immigration, rampant welfare fraud, soaring healthcare costs (due primarily to Obamacare), the crumbling infrastructure and decaying roads, the growing burden on taxpayers, stifling business regulations, and over 700,000 living in poverty. This is because she would rather play the campus provocateur, making outrageous speeches that take cheap shots at Trump, Republicans and the so-called “one percent.”

Warren, however, is a hypocrite. She is a classic limousine liberal. She lives in a $2 million mansion in a wealthy part of Cambridge; her net worth is over $15 million; and made much of her money as a house flipper in Oklahoma, where she took advantage of old ladies, buying low and then selling high. She is not the tribune of the people, but a greedy, manipulative one-percenter, who is using her Senate seat as a stepping stone to run for the presidency in 2020. Warren hopes to ride the Bernie Sanders wave right into the White House. Hence, her strategy of no enemies to the left.

She is so disconnected from the concerns of average Massachusetts citizens, Warren even voted against—that’s right, against—increased funding for cancer research. She opposed the 21st Century Cures Act, which allows new drugs and cures to reach the market quicker, provides over $1 billion to states to tackle the opioid crisis, and funds billions in extra research to combat cancer. Warren railed relentlessly against the bill. Her reason: It represented “a massive giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies.” She and Bernie Sanders (along with two other moonbat Democrats) were the only ones to vote against it in the Senate. Warren put class warfare above finding a potential cure for women’s breast cancer. That’s how radical—how kooky—she is.

Warren has no business being our elected representative; rather, she belongs in a three-ring circus. She is not a mature, serious senator, but a perpetual protestor—the leader of the infantile left who champions the politics of rage and campus-style activism. She is Trump’s gadfly. Adolescent college radicals may yuck it up. To hard-working taxpayers, however, Warren’s antics are an insult and a pathetic joke. She needs to be taught a serious lesson: politics is not for clowns.     

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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