Brittany’s Beat: Gun control is not the answer

Liberal terrorist to blame for Scalise shooting not guns

Brittany Jennings
June 16, 2017 - 3:23 pm

We all know what happened early Wednesday morning during a Republican baseball practice: political violence and terrorism. This time it was the work of a radical liberal.

James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican members of Congress while they were practicing for a charity baseball game. His goal: To kill as many Republicans as possible. His social media reveals that he was a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter and fan of MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow. He was a rabid Never Trumper, who explicitly called for Trump and the GOP to be “destroyed.” He bought the liberal media line that Trump is a fascist, a racist and a pro-Russia traitor. Hodgkinson is pure evil. He went there to terrorize not just those Republicans but every politician and American citizen who disagrees with the radical left.

Now, the left is using this shooting to push their gun control agenda. This is not the time. The left should look in the mirror and take responsibility for their words and actions since President Trump has taken office.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in a statement Wednesday, "there are too many guns on the street." He also claimed "93 million people" per day are killed in gun violence. He’s wrong. His inaccurate words prove liberals will say anything to drive their agenda. He then said he meant to say 93 people a day are killed by gun violence. Well, which is it Terry: 93 million or just 93?

Sen. Rand Paul described the bloody scene, rightly saying that without armed police the Republicans would have been sitting ducks. "I do believe without the Capitol Police, it would have been a massacre." He said. "We had no defense at all."

No one should be defenseless. All these members of our government had were baseball bats to defend themselves and a dugout to dive into to dodge bullets. If it weren't for that thin blue line, dozens would have been slaughtered.

After the shooting, Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup was interviewed by a local Fox television station. "I felt like I was back in Iraq but without my weapon," he said.

What is to blame is not the rifle that was used, but the terrorist who used it. Hodgkinson was driven by leftist hatred and virulent political rhetoric.

We need to make an example out of the celebrities that have clearly incited violence against Trump—and Republicans. Madonna admitted she fantasized about blowing up the White House while speaking at the Women's March in D.C. Comedian Kathy Griffin posed in a photo holding up an ISIS-style severed fake head of Trump. The Julius Caesar play has a scene where they "assassinate" a Trump look-a-like. To threaten the president is against the law. This is a well-established fact. It is why the Secret Service investigated both Griffin and Madonna. The play should be shut down. Griffin and Madonna should be charged for their actions.

Words have consequences, especially hate speech. The mainstream media, Democrats and the radical left need to be held accountable.

Gunning down Republicans on a baseball field isn't "resistance." You want to stop the Republicans agenda, vote them out in the midterms. That is what a democracy is. You can disagree with someone without using—or promoting—violence.

Liberals need to understand one seminal reality: You lost the election. Trump won. We aren't in kindergarten anymore. It's time to grow up and unite before there is more Republican blood on your hands.

-Brittany Jennings is the Executive Producer of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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