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Boston outlines plans for winter weather

Parking space savers will be allowed

November 30, 2017 - 7:29 am

 The City of Boston unveils plans to clear snow this winter.  The city has 44 thousand tons of road salt on hand to melt the ice and snow when it arrives.  In addition, Boston added 40 pieces of snow removal equipment to the public works fleet, which now numbers 200 pieces of equipment.  Mayor Marty Walsh says the city has also added a GPS system to better track snow plow activity and manage clearing efforts.

Mayor Marty Walsh says the informal rule allowing residents to save parking spots they shovel out will continue.  Walsh says the practice will remain this winter everywhere except in South Boston where space saving is not allowed.  The rule applies to any snowstorm where the city issues an emergency declaration.  City officials are also asking residents to shovel out fire hydrants after storms.

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