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Tuesday, June 30

The Supreme Court ruled against the Democrats policy of curing racial discrimination by making discrimination the law of the land. Obviously, this now has more to do with politics for Democrats than what's best for the country.

The Court didn't take a case that should make DVR users happy - it allows cable companies to install centralized DVR's so that all programming can someday be made available on demand.

The Globe editorializes today that since the Boston Public Schools lack funds for sports, it is the obligation of our professional teams to cough up the dough. Wow.

Monday, June 29

The Pike is trying to figure out why a third of its users still don't have a transponder. How about privacy issues? How about being nervous that you'll be billed for driving a tractor trailer when you're actually in a Mini Cooper?

Steve Syre joins us for a conversation regarding the future of Bernie Madoff. Should he get 12 years, or, as Todd would prefer, the death penalty?

Jenny Sanford appears to be the Republican in South Carolina who understands that family values are something to be followed in real life, not just espoused as a political position.

Deval Patrick was revealing in the glory of a billion dollar tax hike this weekend in one Globe story, and in another, he was trying to figure out how to pay for dental care for 700,000 of the state's "neediest" inhabitants, including immigrants. Have you ever put off dental care for financial reasons?